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While many companies focus their social media marketing strategies on Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is often underutilized. According to Social Media Examiner, 50 percent of companies admitted that they were more likely to purchase products and services from a brand that they actively engage with on LinkedIn. For this reason, wanted to share some helpful
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LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing social media channels for business professionals. Before we jump into sharing some tips about how you can enhance your social media marketing strategy on this site, we wanted to make you aware of some powerful statistics: As of October 2013, LinkedIn has nearly 260 million active users. The
3 Ways to Become a Professional Influencer on LinkedIn
Becoming a LinkedIn Influencer is a challenge. LinkedIn no longer allows you to apply for the title – you need to wait for an invite from the website to become an official Influencer. Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Arianna Huffington are just some of the 500 official Influencers that exist on the website. However, LinkedIn